Top 5 Sinhala Technology Blogs in Sri Lanka

There are many Sinhala blogs in Sri Lanka. We will list down the best Sinhala Technology blogs from them. Before that let us to teach how to create a Sinhala Blog.

Sinhala Blog

How to Create a Sinhala Blog?

Creating a Sinhala blog is same as creating an other blog. You need to find a blogging platform to create a blog. There are mainly three platform to create a blog.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is the most popular blogging platform. You can easily create a blog using Blogger. This video explains how to create a blog on blogger platform.

2. WordPress (.com version)

You can use create a blog on WordPress also. This is also free service but they have premium service also.

3. WordPress (.org version)

This is the best platform to create a blog. Even though it is also free, you need to buy web hosting to host your blog.

A few advantages of using WordPress

  1. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. That means you can use it totally free for doing anything you want.
  2. WordPress has thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins. You can find a good theme for any niche very easily. You can use WordPress plugins to do many things like adding social sharing icons, adding advertisement, etc.
  3. WordPress is a SEO friendly blogging platform. Google loves WordPress.
  4. WordPress is very easy to use. And there are thousands of WordPress tutorials available on internet. So you can easily fix WordPress errors.

Top Sinhala Technology Blogs

Here is the list of best Sinhala technology blogs in Sri Lanka. If we have missed some Sinhala blogs please leave a comment. So we can update this post.

  1. TechGuru

TechGuru is a very popular technology blog in Sri Lanka. They have more than 300 Sinhala technology articles. They have published video reviews about tech gadgets like Apple phones, Samsung phones, etc.

2. Top Sinhala Blog

Top SInhala Blog is also very popular Sinhala blog in Sri Lanka. They write not only technology related posts, they write posts about internet marketing, SEO, science. They have more than 200 Sinhala blog posts.

3. Aluth

Aluth is an old Sinhala blog with thousands of posts. They publish more than 20 posts per month. They have more than 200,000 monthly readers.

4. is a new Sinhala technology blog. They also publish video reviews about new phones.

5. Kiniththa

Kinith Hettiarachchi is the founder of Kiniththa blog. He publishes posts about Android, C#, Facebook, Software, SQL, etc.

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