Most Popular Videos on Google Web Masters YouTube Channel

You may be a good fan of YouTube. You may have subscribed hundreds of YouTube channels. If you are a blogger or if you want to learn SEO there is no doubt that Google Webmasters YouTube channel in this list.

I know that how much time you spend to optimize your posts for SEO. If you don’t know some SEO techniques you can’t do it properly. And if the things you know are wrong so you can’t drive good traffic from Google.

That’s why you have to follow best and correct SEO guides. So, following Google web masters YouTube channel is important.

I have list down some popular videos on it.

I have not added very old videos.

1. How does Google search  work?

At first, you have learn how does Google search work. You can learn many things like how do Google index your site, how much time it takes, etc.

2. Google does not use the keyword meta tag in web ranking

Most people who are new to SEO think meta keywords are important SEO. No, you are wrong. It was important before 2009, but after 2009, Google doesn’t consider about meta keywords, but meta description is important so far.

3.  If I get no follow link from authority site like Wikipedia, is it benefit for SEO?

You know that No follow links have no value for SEO. But, what happen if it comes from authority site like Wikipedia? Watch the video to know it.

4. Is there a limit to how many 301 (Permanent) redirects I can do on a site?

301 redirection is important redirection for SEO. You may have couple of questions about 301 redirection. This video will solve those questions.

5. Disavow links

This is nearly a 10 minute video. Don’t miss this video if you want to learn about disavow links.

6. What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build links for our blogs. You need to do it correctly. Other wise your blog will be penalized. Blog owners who accept the guest posts also should watch this video.

7. Does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page?

Google have recommended to 100 links or fewer per page. Web development technology has developed now. We can easily write more content using CSS techniques ( like tabs), jQuery  techniques, etc. So, still recommend only 100 links?

8. How does Google handle duplicate content?

It is hard to avoid duplicate content. For example, think about a WordPress blog. You write a post and add a category and three tags. First few lines of that post duplicated in four pages ( category page and three tag pages).

Is Google consider it as duplicate content?

9. Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

Backlinks were really important few years back. Is there no point in creating backlinks now? No, backlinks are important if you create it correctly.

10. What does Google think of single-page websites?

It isn’t hard to create a single page website with quality content using CSS and JavaScript. How does Google attention about it?

11.  Underscores vs. dashes in URLs

There is a difference between how Google interprets underscores and dashes in a URL. Matt Cutts recommend to use dashes in URLs .

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