10 Popular Blogs Monthly Income Reports

Most bloggers like to check other bloggers income reports. That’s why I create top bloggers monthly income report list for you.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the monthly income report for popular blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, ProBlogger, Daily Blog Tips because they don’t publish their income publicity.

There is no any order in this list.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the founder of Smart Passive Income blog. He was able to make  $79,098 in November 2014.

He made all the above money not only from the main blog. He made $3,391 from GreenExamAcademy.com, $2283 from SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com, etc.

The main income of his blog is affiliate marketing. He has made $30000  just only from BlueHost affiliate of that month.

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Pinch Of Yum

Pinch Of Yum

This is a food blog written by Lindsay and Bjork .

But, November Monthly Report of Pinch of Yum is $20,751.47.

The interesting fact is that, they have made 6785$ from BlueHost affiliate.

You might have thought that it is impossible to make money from web hosting affiliate via food blog. If you are enough creative you can convert any of blog reader to a blogger. That’s what they have done.

Every blog niche is profitable. But you need to provide value for readers to make your blog successful. Select a blog niche which you are interesting more.

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Shout Me Loud

Harsh Agrawal  is the person who behind on Shoutmeloud, he have made  7788$ on last October. He made more money from affiliate marketing and WordPress services and direct advertisements.

Shoutmeloud generate more than 500000 page views and more than 80% of it comes from search engines.

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Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

Matthewwoodward.co.uk is an award-winning internet marketing blog. The founder of this blog is Matthew Woodward. He has made $20371 last month and $16018 made only  from affiliate marketing. That means nearly 75% income comes from affiliate marketing for Matthew Woodward.

Most of the traffic comes from his blog as Google search engine traffic and direct traffic.

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My 4-hour Work Week

My 4-Hour Workweek

Eric is the found of this blog. He has made $436 in last November. He also make more money via affiliate marketing.

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Ratracegrad is written by Jennifer Bland. She has made $5151 on last September and most of them from offline customers.

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Rank Tactics

Rank Tactics

Rizvan Ullah is the founder of Rank Tactics. He has made only $608, but the interesting fact is he made that money just only from 1800 visitors.

Making $608 via 2000 blog readers is really good. Some bloggers can’t make $600 from million monthly visitors also.

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I found  few another top bloggers income reports, but the source isn’t their official blog. That’s why I didn’t mention them. In future, I will try to contact some popular bloggers like Darren Rowse to know their income reports and publish them.

If you know other bloggers income report please send the source link via contact form. Then, I can update this post.

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