User Submitted Posts Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Do you have used user submitted posts (free version) WordPress plugin?  It is a one of the best WordPress plugins which allow users to submit content from anywhere on your site.

Jeff Starr who is the founder of this plugin gives free support for even free version. If you check the support area of this plugin, most of the questions are solved.

User Submitted Post Pro Review

Why should You Buy Pro Version USP?

USP Pro version has many features than free version.

  1. Customer Support

You will get an awesome customer support. There is no doubt about it. Read a few testimonials.

USP Pro Testimonials

  1. Free Updates

You will be given free updates lifetime. Most of the premium plugins give only 1 year free updates. But they give life time free updates.

  1. Unlimited Forms

You can create unlimited number of forms. You can display those forums anywhere on your site. You can use shortcodes, template tags or widgets for it.

  1. Action and Filter Hooks

There are more than 40 action and filter hooks, so you can customize anything exactly as you want.

  1. Front-End Post Editing

Logged users can edit their own posts from the front-end of your site.

  1. Form Styles

You can use predefined styles or you can add  your own custom style via the settings page.

  1. Form Fields

USP Pro supports many fields like text, text area, radio, files.

  1. Many Form Types

You can create form types like submit post, submit page, contact forms, submit custom post type etc.

  1. User Registration

You can create a user registration form also. You can use custom fields like First Name, Last Name, Password and many more things in it.

  1. Submitted Content

You can add title, author, content, categories, and tags as post data. Custom fields also can be used.

  1. Post Status

You can set post status as draft, pending, custom, publish immediately, pending or publish after “x” number of approved posts.

  1. File Upload

You can allow users to upload files like images, video, audio, etc.

  1. Widgets

You can display any USP form via widget also.

  1. Shortcodes

USP pro supports more than 25 shortcodes. You can find all shortcodes here.

  1. Submitted Redirects

You can redirect users to a custom page after any successful form submission.

  1. Customize Success and Error Messages

You can customize every success and error messages as you want.

  1. Email Notification

You will received an email notification after any post submission.

  1. Anti Spam

You can use Google reCAPTCHA or a custom challenge question to prevent from spam submissions.

  1. Featured Images

USP PRO automatically display an uploaded image as features image.

  1. Rich Text Editor

Members can use WordPress visual/WYSIWYG/Rich-text editor to write posts from frontend.

  1. Custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomies

USP pro supports for WordPress custom post types, WordPress custom taxonomies and WordPress custom fileds.

Check All Features of USP PRO

Pricing Options

You can use any plan as you want to buy this plugin.

USP PRO Pricing


USP pro has well formatted documentation. And you can read all features of this plugin from this link.

It is worth every single penny USP pro costs. So, why don’t you use USP pro for next project? Use USP pro and get content for your blog, website via members.

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