WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform to Start a Blog

Do you know that how many bloggers have mentioned that WordPress is the best blogging platform to start a blog?

WordPress is open-source content management system founded by Matt Mullenweg and  Mike Little. Many bloggers mention that WordPress is the best blogging platform because WordPress has many benefits than other blogging platforms.

Note : This is about self hosted WordPress blogs, not about wordpress.com.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress Blogging Platform
Here is a list of benefits of using WordPress.

Free and Open-source Blogging Software

WordPress is the free and open-source blogging tool. You can download it free and you can use it for any reason like personal or commercial reasons and you can modify it as you want.

Thousand of WordPress Themes

There are thousands of free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes available. WordPress theme directory has more than 3000 themes.

Thousands of WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin directory has more than 35000 WordPress plugins. Many premium WordPress plugins are also available to do specific task. Many bloggers use 10-30 WordPress plugins for their blogs to make them powerful.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is SEO friendly blogging platform. And you can use WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast to make blog more SEO friendly.

Ease of use

Don’t have you knowledge about HTML and CSS?

Don’t have you knowledge about server-side language like PHP?

Don’t worry. You can use WordPress without having any web design or development knowledge. You need to only have a little knowledge about how to use the internet. Then you can create a WordPress blog and you can install a theme and plugins and then you can write blog posts.

Note : It is better to have good knowledge about  HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress development to modify your blog as you want.


There is no any 100% secure product in the world. But WordPress is secure than any other blogging platform. Thousands of developers are working with WordPress. If they catch any security issue in WordPress they will correct it as soon as possible.

The Completed Documentation

WordPress Codex is the online manual of WordPress.  This is totally completed documentation. You can learn everything about WordPress from this manual.


You can customize WordPress as you want. If you haven’t knowledge about WordPress development you can hire a WordPress developer and you can modify WordPress as you want.

Thousands of WordPress Tutorials

There are thousands of WordPress tutorials you can find from the internet and you can find hundreds of WordPress related eBooks also.

There are many forums available to discuss question about WordPress. So learning WordPress isn’t a hard task because thousands of WordPress resources available for you.


WordPress is available in more than 70 languages including all major languages.

Easy to Move

When you changing web hosting, it is easy to move WordPress blog to new host. There are many ways to do it.

Comment Management System

WordPress has very strong comment managements system. Even though WordPress has lots of comment spam attracts many WordPress plugins fight with them very successfully.

Roles and Capabilities

There are mainly 6 roles in WordPress. Learn more about roles and capabilities.


I have mentioned only main benefits of WordPress in this post. There are more benefits of using WordPress.

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