20 Effective Blogging Tips by Amit Agarwal

You can learn effective blogging tips here from successful Indian blogger Amit Agarwal. He is the founder of Digital Inspiration.

He has a computer science degree and he worked at ADP Inc. Then Amit quit in the job to become a blogger.

It was successful and now he is one of best bloggers in the world. Most of them introduce him as the best blogger in India.

I found a valuable video about blogging tips shared by Amit Agarwal. You can watch it.

Here are some blogging tips he has shared in above video.

Choose WordPress

There are a few blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr available to you to build a blog. When comparing pros and cons WordPress is the best blogging platform to create a blog. Matt Mullenweg founded WordPress. 20% of websites in all over the internet use WordPress to build them.

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Content is King, but?

Content is King but it isn’t enough to build a strong blog. You should have good writing style to build loyal readers around your blog.

You don’t need to copy other bloggers writing styles, but learn about their writing styles reading successful blogs. Then use a writing style which is unique for you.

Headlines is the Most Important Part of Your Blog Posts

You blog post may unique and high quality. But no one read your blog post if post headline is boring or very common.

Post headline should be very attractive, unique and it should be meaningful. Readers should be able to guess what type of content you have written in the post just reading headline.

Always Use Images or Screenshots

Blog readers don’t like to read long posts without images. Reader’s eyes want to see some attractive things. Images or screenshots can attract readers.

Screenshots are very valuable when you publishing tutorials. Readers can easily understand your tutorials if you provide tutorials with screenshots.

SEO is Important

You have to write SEO optimized blog posts to get a better rank in Google results.

It is really hard to get 1000+ daily visitors for your blog without search traffic.

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Create a About Me Page

Your “about” page is a very popular page of your blog, isn’t it? Use it is to convert readers to regular readers.

Adding following things to about me page.

  • Link to Best blog posts in your blog
  • Add social media following buttons
  • Add an email subscribe box

Create “List” Posts

“List” posts are the popular posts in almost every blogs. Create “List” posts and it helps you to increase traffic of your blog.

Update Old Blog Posts

It isn’t enough to write new content. Update old blog posts. It helps to make your old blog posts accuracy. If you find very old useless posts remove them or update which will be useful for your readers.

Link to Popular Blogs

It is better to link to other blogger’s relevant posts. It helps to build a relationship with popular bloggers and they also may link to your blog.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Social media is the best channels to promote your blogs. Billions of people use social media daily.  Use social media to promote your blog.

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Even though you have finished reading this post, don’t forget to watch above video because Amit Agarwal has explained how to create a successful blog with his own experiences. You can learn golden blogging tips from it.

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