Best Blogging Communities to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

There are many blogging communities available for you. Almost every bloggers used use those communities because bloggers can get so many benefits be active on them.

I have mentioned a few benefits you can gain by join to Blogging Communities.

  • Increasing Blog Traffic : You can increase traffic of your blog. You need t just submit the your blog posts to community.
  • Backlinks : Search Engine Optimization which is very popular term for bloggers. When submitting the posts you will be given backlink also. Sure, almost all them are no-follow. But it is better than nothing.
  • Increasing Alexa Rank : Blogging communities are used by bloggers. There are a high possibility to use them Alexa toolbar. Alexa works using the data they catch by Alexa toolbar. So, your Alexa rank will be increased very short time.
  • Generating New Post Ideas : Other Bloggers also submit their blog posts. You can generate many post idea looking them.
  • Engaging with Other Bloggers : You can build partnerships with other bloggers.
  • Asking Questions or Starting Discussions : Some blogging communities allow you to ask questions and start discussions.

Best Blogging Communities

There is no point in using all blogging communities. You can use the most popular and best blogging communities which matches your blog niche.


BlogEngage is most popular blogging community founded by Brian . Many pro bloggers like Zac Johnson, Ileane, Jackson Nwachukwu, Erik Emanuelli, Justin Germino use this community.

Blog Engage

Blog engage has provided so many features for you. That’s why I mention blog engage as the best blogging community.

Community Features

How to increase blog traffic with Blog engage?

What do other members have said about Blog enagage?

Biz Sugar

Biz Sugar is a good platform for small business owners. This is also more than seven years old community. You can find many tips and tricks which are useful for small businesses in this community.

Adding a blog for your small business is a great idea. You can drive lots of traffic to your blog using Biz Sugar.



Kingged is an internet marketing and social networking related blogging community. You can find many post related make money online also in this community.



Inbound is an awesome community for internet marketers. You can find many useful discussions in this forums. Quality is really matters here. Almost every blog posts links and discussions are really quality.

It is a very active community also.



Blokube is also very popular blogging community. The design of Blokube is very attractive and clean.


DoSplash is founded by Jane Sheeba. This blogging community is very popular in india.


Klinkk is founded by Erik Emanuelli. You can find many popular bloggers in this community.


Indiblogger community is created for only Indian bloggers. You can find almost every professional bloggers in India in this community.


ManageWP is known has one of the biggest WordPress resources collection. This community is for WordPress lovers. You can register this site for only using social media. They have got that type of decision for preventing spams.



Joining to blogger communities and submitting your posts isn’t enough for getting good traffic, you need to be active on blogging communities.

9 thoughts on “Best Blogging Communities to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Hi,
    The site you have given are the best site and sure they will increase your blog traffic. Just work hard on the content part and you will get success…

    1. Hi Rahul,

      I am also member of almost every blogging communities I have mentioned here. If you are active and your blog titles are eye-catching, driving traffic from blogging communities are very easy.

  2. Blogging communities are the best places to meet and interact with new people. They are also great for getting traffic and backlinks. Your audience also gets bigger when you interact with other bloggers. You can share ideas and strategies. Thanks for featuring Blog Engage in your post.

    1. Thanks Brian for the comment and you have been doing the great job with Blog Engage.

      I requested a free Blog Engage Account and I didn’t get a reply so far. Can you give me a free account for me? Thanks.


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