Best Google Chrome Extensions That Will Easy Your Internet Life

Google Chrome which was developed by Google has become the most popular browser in the world. Google Chrome browser is being used by more than 60% of internet users according to W3schools browser statistics. We write this post to mention the best Google Chrome extensions you should know.

You don’t want to use all these chrome extensions. Even though these are best Google Chrome extensions, you computer will be slow if you use all the extensions.

Find what are the most useful chrome extensions for you.It depends on what you are doing on the internet.

These extensions can easy your internet life as well as they can save your time.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions

1. LastPass : How much online accounts do you have? Can you remember all the passwords? You need to use strong password also. LastPass will generate very strong password when you register for any online account and they can save your password very secure. Very popular sites like PC Mag, Mashable also recommend using this extension.

2. Adblock Plus : You might hate this extension if you are a webmaster or blogger because this extension can decreases your revenue. Adblock plus blocks all obtrusive ads including Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Pop ups ads. If you don’t like ads on websites you can simply use this plugin.

Ad Block Plus Chrome Extension

3. Feedly : It is hard to remember all your favorite blogs and follow them. Yes, You can subscribe them via emails, but the final result will be hundreds of emails full your inbox. You can use feedly to follow your favorite blogs. You can read the latest blog posts via feedly. This is highly recommend extension for blog readers.

4. : helps you to remember all the tasks you have to do. This is the best extension if you normally forget the things you have to do.

5. Gmail Offline : Gmail works only when you are online. Using this extension you can work with Gmail when you are offline also. When you connect to the internet, messages will be sent.

6. Social Fixer for Facebook : If you are addicted to Facebook don’t use this extensions because you will be addicted to Facebook further. This extension make your Facebook experience better and better.

7. Streamus : You may want use YouTube as a music platform. This extension convert YouTube in to a music player.

8. Hola Better Internet : You may want to block your country for some websites. You can use another country as your country using this extension. Yes, this works like a proxy service and totally a free service.

Hola Chrome Extension

9. SEOquake : SEOquake is one of the best SEO chrome extension you can find from the Google chrome web store. This extension show many things like Alexa rank, index webpages of Google and Bing, Whois link, Nofollow links, etc,

10. Google Dictionary : If your mother tongue isn’t English, this is a good extension for you. If you find a word you don’t know the meaning, you only need to double click the word. Extension generate a pop up with the meaning.

Google-Dictionary Chrome Extensions

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