Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly Before 21st of April

Google will roll out a new update on April 21st, 2015.  It is all about finding more mobile-friendly search results. So if your blog isn’t mobile friendly your blog will be penalized by this update.

If you have been blogging since more than 3 years, you have faced Google Panda and Penguin updates. Those are huge updates and millions of blogs and websites are affected by those updates.

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Why Should You Pay Attention About this Update?

Millions of people use smart phones and tablets to read blogs. Google know it and Google know it will increase day by day.

Google will always give better experience for their visitors. That’s why Google became the world number one search engine. So they want to give best search results for mobile visitors.

There is no doubt that your blog have at least 30% of mobile traffic. You can check it easily via Google Analytics .

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Do you want to loss that traffic? No, you want to just increase it. But if you can’t make your blog mobile friendly before 21st of April you will lose mobile visitors (Don’t worry. It is easy to make your blog mobile friendly. I have explain how to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly in this post).

How to Check whether Your Blog is Mobile Friendly or not?

You may don’t know whether your blog is mobile friendly or not. This is the way to check your blog is mobile responsive or not.

1. Go to Mobile-Friendly Test

2. Enter the blog URL and click “Analyze” button.

Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Other than the above method you use some third party part tools like Mobile Test to check how you blog appear in smart phones like Apple iPhone 5, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Y.

Pay Attention about Speed of Your Blog

It is true that there is 4G cellular networks in most of the country. But still many internet users in third world countries use 3G connections. Your blog will load very fast for those users also. Check your blog speed on Google page speed.

How to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

If your blog isn’t mobile responsive there are a few ways to make your blog mobile friendly.

1. Use a new responsive WordPress theme: Changing a WordPress theme isn’t a good idea and many bloggers don’t recommend changing the theme very frequently. But if your WordPress theme isn’t responsive, changing your theme to responsive WordPress theme is a good idea.

2. Hire a WordPress theme designer: You can hire a WordPress theme designer to convert your WordPress theme to responsive one. It may be expensive. But if you don’t like to change the theme and you have money to invest do it. It will be a really worth investment for your blog.

3. Install a mobile friendly WordPress plugin: There are a few good WordPress plugins which can convert your blog as mobile friendly WordPress blog. Use on of theme.

Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Responsive

These are the best free and paid WordPress plugins which help you to make your blog mobile friendly.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

WPtouch Mobile Plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin which make your blog mobile friendly with just few clicks. You don’t need any programming related knowledge.

It is a free WordPress plugin but it has a pro version also. WPtouch available in more than 20 languages. Blog visitors can easily switch to desktop version also.

JetPack Mobile Theme

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins in WordPress plugin directory. It has many features. One feature is, it allow you to make your blog mobile friendly. You need to just activate that feature.

WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin


This plugin is very similar to WPtouch Mobile Plugin. It is also a free plugin and it has a pro version and you can buy it for just 50$. Pro version has 10 mobile friendly themes and it works on more than 5000 devices.


Don’t let Google to penalize your blog in future updates. There are many ways you can use to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly. Make your blog mobile friendly before 21st of April.

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  1. I think making mobile friendly blog brought awesome results for me because my google analytics shows that 70% of my user were from mobile devices and i was displaying desktop template to them that resulted into low conversion optimization and as soon as i changed it and used responsive template it created magic for me. So this move from google has been so far good for me.


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