How to Create a Social Network or Forum Using WordPress?

WordPress is just not a blogging platform. You can use WordPress to build different type of websites. That’s why more than 20% of website in the internet powered by WordPress.

You can use WordPress to create a forum or social networking site.

How to Create a Social Network Site Using WordPress?

BuddyPress is a plugin which helps you to make a social network using WordPress. It was developed by WordPress founder.

create social network or forum using WordPress

BuddyPress Components and Features

  1. Members and Extended Profiles: It allows users to create their profile and every user has their own page like Facebook. You can set unlimited of fields for registration form.
  2. Friend Connections: User can add other users as friend. Friends are also displayed in profile page.
  3. Internal Messaging: All users inside the social network can commutation via message.
  4. Notifications: Users will get notification when a message is received, when a friend request is received, etc.
  5. Activity Streams: There is an activity stream in BuddyPress. It works like a home page of Facebook.
  6. Groups: Users can create own groups and other also can join to those groups.
  7. Theme Compatibility: You don’t need a special theme for install BuddyPress. It works almost every WordPress themes.
  8. BuddyPress Widgets: There are many Widgets available for BuddyPress. You can display popular members, recently active members, online members, friends using Widgets.

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How to Create a Forum Using WordPress?

You can use bbPress WordPress plugin to create a forum. It is also developed by WordPress founders.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to use this plugin.  You don’t need a special WordPress theme for this plugin also. bbPress is also works with almost every WordPress themes. The interface of the forum is very clean. Spam protection is very high in bbPress.

How to Install BuddyPress or bbPress?

You can install BuddyPress or bbPress very easily. They are just WordPress plugin even though their provide lots of components and features. You can install them as installing other WordPress plugins.


Both BuddyPress and bbPress are very powerful WordPress plugins. Use both plugin together to make a community around your blog.

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