5 Ways to Create a Video Sharing Website

Last Week we published a post called how to create a site like alltop. Today, we write 5 ways to create a video sharing site like YouTube.

You can easily create a video sharing site using a content management system or script. Before that you need to discuss about your web hosting provider because video sharing website need lots of space and bandwidth. You can create a videos sharing site on shared hosting. But you need to move to VPS or dedicated server when your traffic is increasing.

Create a Video Sharing Site Using WordPress

As we explained in an earlier post, WordPress is just not a blogging platform. You can create a different type of websites using WordPress.

You can create a video sharing site using WordPress.

Video WordPress Theme: This is a responsive WordPress theme which helps you to create a video sharing site like YouTube.

Video WordPress Theme

This theme comes with front-end submission form. Users can upload a video or they can add embed code. It includes some widgets like latest videos, related posts, popular posts, video slider, etc.

PHPmotion Video Script

Even though PHPmotion called as a video scripts, it is just not a video script. The main features of it are video sharing, image sharing, audio sharing and blogging.

It is a free script. You can use it for personal or commercial purposes. This script has been downloaded more than 100000 times.

Click Bucket Video Script

Click bucket is an open source video sharing script. You can create a site like YouTube or Metacafe within a few minute. It is mobile responsive.

VideNox Video Script

Video Sharing Sites

VideNox is a premium video sharing script. There are four packages.

  1. Starter: You can buy it for 89$. You can use only for one domain/website.
  2. Basic: You can buy it for 109$. It comes with branding free, comodo positive SSL and installation service.
  3. Premium: You can buy it for 158$.
  4. Ultimate: You can buy it for 999$. You can use it up to 15 domain/websites. You are given five year free updates and support.

Clip Share

There is a special feature in Clip Share. This supports for online games. Users can upload flash games and users can play games. They have implemented search engine friendly URLs and have added SEO techniques to better ranking in search engines.

It is a mobile friendly script and it can convert to web-ready formats in multiple resolutions. More than 30 video formats are supported.

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