10 Awesome Facebook Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

Facebook has more than 800 million daily users. But most of them don’t know many valuable features of it.

Mark Zuckerberg; the founder of Facebook has added so many features for you. You can use some third-party apps also to do some specific tasks.

Note : Be careful when using third-party apps on Facebook because some of them are scam apps.

Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2015

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of Facebook tips and tricks you can apply for Facebook in 2005.

How to Download a Facebook Album?

You can easily download any Facebook photo. Can you download a Facebook album in one click? No, you can’t do it because Facebook doesn’t provide that type of feature. That’s why you have to use a third-party app.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use a chrome extension like Download FB Album to download a photo album.

Otherwise you can use Facebook downloader software.

How to Zoom Facebook Photos?

You can zoom any photo on Facebook by hovering your mouse over it using Photo Zoom for Facebook Chrome extension.

Facebook Zoom Photos

How to Download Your Facebook Profile?

You can easily download your Facebook profile information.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click “Download a copy” link
  • Click “Start My Archive” tab

Make sure to keep that file very secure because it has very private data like posts, messages, photos.

How to Turn Off Auto-Paly Videos?

Facebook videos play automatically whether you want or not. You can turn it off.

  • Go to Setting
  • Click “Video” tab
  • Set Auto-Play Videos as “Off”

How to Download Facebook Videos?

You may want to download Facebook videos.

You can use Facebook video downloader online service to download Facebook videos. You need to copy Facebook video URL and then paste it in their website. Then click the download button.

You can select the video quality as well.

If you want to download a Facebook private video, follow this tutorial.

How to Remove Facebook Advertisements?

You can use Facebook Ad Block chrome extension to remove Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Block

Note: You can use AdBlock Plus chrome extension to block advertisements in almost every site.

What Shortcut Keys are Available for Facebook?

Facebook has lots of shortcut keys. Check the screenshot which is taken from this link.

Facebook Shortcuts

How to Publish to Facebook from Your Twitter Account?

You may want to auto publish on Facebook wall when you tweet. You can use Twitter app on Facebook to do it.

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Photo Un-Clickable?

Some Facebook users want to make their profile photo un-clickable. You need to follow only very few steps.

  • Go to your profile picture album
  • Select your current profile picture
  • Set privacy setting to “Only Me”

How to Login to two Facebook Accounts at the Same Time Using the Same Browser?

You can log into two Facebook accounts at the same time using two web browsers, but you may want to log into two Facebook accounts at the same time using the same browser.

This trick works for all major browsers.

  • Open a web browser and log in to a Facebook account
  • Open the private mode of web browser and log in to another Facebook account ( Use Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut to open)

Facebook Secrets

This is a very interesting video I found from YouTube. It is just a one minute video, but you will learn more than 5 Facebook secrets.

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