Top 9 Free SMS / Message / Chat Android Apps

Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Google search, Google+, WhatsApp, Google Text-to-Speech, Google Books, Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Chrome, Viber are most downloaded Android apps in Google play.

Most of them are developed by Google. There are four apps which are developed by other companies in that list. They are Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber. What is the common thing for those four Android apps?

They are created for mainly communication purposes (community, message, chat, etc.).

Top SMS / Messages Related Android Apps

SMS Android Apps

Here is a list of SMS / messages related Android apps.

  1. GO SMS Pro

Go SMS pro has been became number one messaging app with nearly 100 million downloads. You can select a theme from hundreds of amazing themes that are provided by the app. You can encrypt message and protect your privacy. You can use an app locking app also to lock message.

  1. Textra SMS

Textra SMS allow you to customize interface of default message app as you want. You can choose your favorite color as theme color.  You can set setting to request delivery reports, auto save images in to your phone, etc.

  1. Chomp SMS

You can create unique look message interface using 100+ free themes. This app supports SMS, MMS, dual sim and group messages.

  1. Message Lock

Message lock is created to protect SMS and MMS. After you enabling this app others can’t read your SMS or MMS without passing the pattern lock.

  1. 100000+ SMS Messages

100000+ SMS Messages app is one of the biggest SMS collections on Google Play. There are more than 140 categories like friendship SMS, love SMS, birthday SMS, funny SMS in this app. You can hide unwanted categories.

Top Chat Related Android Apps

Here is a list of chat related Android apps.

Chat Android Apps

  1. Messenger

Even messenger has low rating (3.9) it has more than 1000 million downloads. The main reason for it is, it is developed by Facebook and they forced to download this app after downloading Facebook default app and when you try to chat with your friends.

There is a special feature called chat heads in this app. You can keep the conversation going while you use other any app.

You can get free calls and you can record voice messages too. You can know when people have seen your messages. You can forward messages to other friends who weren’t in the conversation.

You can turn off notification when you have no time to chat or when you need a just break.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

You can use WhatsApp Messenger free for a year. Then you have to pay 0.99$ per year. WhatsApp is popular for text chat while Viber is popular for calls.

  1. Viber

Viber is a free Android app with over 100 million downloads. As mentioned earlier Viber is popular for voice calls and video calls.

  1. Skype – free IM & video calls

Skype is founded by more than 12 years ago. It was a Desktop software. Then they developed an Android app. It has more than 500 million downloads with over 4 rating.

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