Hack Facebook Account – All Tools are 100% Fake

Are you finding a way to hack a Facebook account? This is not the right article for you. But if you can read this article carefully you can protect your Facebook account from hackers.

We don’t want to write an article about how to hack a Facebook account. We write the truth behind all Facebook hacking tools.

Hack Facebook Account

How to Hack a Facebook Account?

There is no way to hack a Facebook account. If you think you can hack a Facebook account using online tool, you are wrong.

The people who think they are hackers use some ways to hack friends/ boyfriend/ girlfriend Facebook accounts. Those ways works only if Facebook account owner do a mistake like choosing a weak password.

  1. Social Engineering

Social engineering is a non-technical method which is used by many people to hack accounts. Read How to Create a Strong Password? Wikipedia article to know more about it.

  1. Phishing

Phishing is a very popular methods to hack Facebook accounts. Hacker creates a website which is very similar to Facebook (interfaces only). There is no any difference between Facebook home page and that page. Then hacker promotes that website via social media, email, etc. Hacker gets the username and password when any one tries to log Facebook via his site.

  • Make sure to check the URL when login to Facebook
  1. Keyloggers

There are mainly two types of key loggers. They are software-based keyloggers and hardware-based keyloggers.

Software-based keylogger is a software which can record what you type. Software may save them in text file or database or send to hacker’s email. Hardware-based keyloggers also record computer user’s keystrokes.

  • Don’t log to Facebook account on internet cafe (Use temporary password if it is necessary)
  • Use god antivirus guard in your PC or laptop
  • Don’t install unknown application to PC or laptop

Free Facebook Hacking Online Tools

If you search anything related to Facebook hacking tool you can find more than 25 tools. The truth is all are fake tools.

Never try any of them. They may ask your Facebook email and password. Why do they need your Facebook account username and password to hack another account? Owners of those tools want hack your Facebook account.

Some tools may ask your email. Then they sell your emails to another party. Your email account will be got thousands of spam emails. Do you want to fill your inbox with spam emails? Your answer is “no”. Then don’t give your email for them.

Those tools are created to only hack your Facebook account or make money. Any tool does not help you to hack another person Facebook account.

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