10+ Surprising Ways to Speed up WordPress Blogs

Do you want to speed up your WordPress blog? There are many benefits of speeding up your WordPress blog.

  1. It will increase your SEO traffic because Google want to give better experience for users.
  2. It will reduce bounce rate of your blog because readers visit more pages if your blog speed is good.
  3. Finally, it helps you to make money from your blog.

There are many tools to check speed of your WordPress blog. Gtmetrix, Pingdom and Web page test are the most popular tools to check speed of your blog.

Best Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Blog

Speed Up WordPress Blog

The main ways to speed up your WordPress blog are mentioned in below. You can read linked tutorials to learn more ways to speed up your WordPress blog (We have given links to best tutorials end of this post).

Select a good web hosting company: You need to select good web hosting company like Bluehost to host your WordPress blog. If you can it is better to go VPS or dedicated service.

Select WordPress plugins carefully: Some WordPress plugins may slow down you blog. Use P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WordPress plugin to check which plugins slow down your blog.

Optimize your images: Images slow down your blog, but you need to use images because it gives better user experience for readers. The only thing you can do is optimize images. Try to use JPG images if you don’t need a transparent background because it is the fastest loading file type. You can use an online tool like tiny png or WordPress plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer to optimize images of your blog.

Merge CSS files: Your blog may have lots of CSS files because different plugins add CSS files to your blog. Separate HTTP requests are needed for each file. So if you marge them as one file it helps to speed up WordPress blog.  Use a WordPress plugin like Minify to merge CSS and JS files.

Clean up the database: WordPress save thousands of things automatically. The disadvantage of it is, database will get filled with thousands of revisions, trashed items, spams, etc. You can use a WordPress plugin like WP-Optimize to clean up the database.

Use a cache plugin: Use W3 Total cache plugin or WP Super Cache plugin. Both plugins are very popular and they do their job very nicely. If you have a high traffic blog you must use a cache plugin or you should find a way to enable cache at your blog.

Display images when scrolling: You don’t need to load all images when page is loading. You can load images when scrolling like in this blog. BJ Lazy Load plugin can do it for your blog.

Best Tutorials to Speed up Your Blog

The Ultimate Mega Guide to Speeding Up WordPress: Article is written by Daniel Pataki for WPmudev.

16 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website in 2015!: Article is written by Stavros Papdakis for Income Diary. This is not about only WordPress. You can use these ways to optimize any website.

11 Ways to Speed up WordPress: Article is written by Karol for CodeinWP blog.

Speeding up WordPress: How We Optimized List25 Performance by 256%: Article is written by Syed Balkhi for WP Beginner. Syed has explained how he optimizes List 25.

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