Top 12 Android Apps for Bloggers

Android is the most popular mobile operating system which is currently developed by Google. Most bloggers use smart phones which comes with Android OS. There are more than hundred thousands Android apps on Google play store.

You can find most popular Android apps within a second from just a Google search. You might find articles called “Best Android apps for 2013” or “Top 10 Android Apps”. But those articles are written for the general people. This post is for bloggers because you can find best android apps which are useful for bloggers from this post.

Best Android Apps for Bloggers

Here is a list of Best Android apps which will be useful for bloggers.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging platform to create a blog and almost every professional bloggers use WordPress as the blogging platform. You can use this app if you are using or self-hosted blog running WordPress 3.5 or higher. You can write, edit and publish posts via this app.

WordPress Android App

2. Blogger

Most people start first blog on Blogger because it is totally free and easy to start a blog. You can edit posts, write posts, publish posts, switch blog, upload pictures, add labels and add location information using this app.

Blogger Android App

3.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool to track your visitors. This web analytics service offered by Google. Using this app you can get your Analytics data anytime from your android phone.

Google Analytics Android App

4. Google AdSense

How to make money from a blog? Ask this question from 100 bloggers. At least 90 bloggers will say that  Google Adsense is the best way to make money from a blog. You can view key data about your Adsense account from this app. You can view almost every reports which you can view from the website via this app also.

Google Adsense Android App


5. Google Drive or DropBox

You have to backup all posts and images. You can use cloud service like Google Drive or DropBox to backup posts and images.

DropBox Android App


6. Google Keep

Do you have a blog topic on your mind. Use Google Keep to save it. Otherwise you will have forgotten your awesome blog post idea.

Google Keep Android App

7. Autodesk Pixlr – photo editor

Pixlr is the best photo editing android app. You may want to edit a image which is in your android phone for your next post. There is no need to send it to your desktop PC or laptop. You can edit images using this app,.

Pixlr Android App

8. Pocket

Save articles, videos or any other web content via Pocket. This is also very important app for bloggers. There is a premium version also available in Pocket and it has lots of features than free version.

9.  Evernote

As a blogger you have to write many notes. Use Evernote for it. You can collect blog post ideas also to Evernote.

10. Writer

Writer is a writing application. You can use this app for writing blog posts. And this is a very simple application.

11. Feedly

Had you a good fan of Google reader? Feedly is the best alternative for Google reader. You can add unlimited numbers of blogs to Feedly. You can read latest posts from those blogs via Feedly.

12. Trello

Do you have a few writers for your blog? Use Trello to organize your works with those writers. Trello is a a service which allow you to organize anything.

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