Top 18 Tech How-to Guides Blogs and Tech News Blogs

There are millions of technology blogs available in internet. Mainly there are two types of technology blogs. Those are technology news blogs and technology how-to guide blogs.

We will list down both blogs in this post.

Top 10 Technology News Blogs

Here is best technology news blogs.

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Mashable
  3. ZDNet
  4. Computer World
  5. The Next Web
  6. Extremetech
  7. Gizmodo
  8. Engadget

Top 10 Technology How-to Guides Blogs

Top Tech Blogs

  1. How-to Geek

How-to Geek is an online technology magazine. They write how-to guides article manly in under eight categories. They are Windows, Linux, office, gadgets, mobile, hardware, Apple and Geek school.

  1. Guiding Tech

Guiding tech is a personal technology blog founded by Abhijeet Mukerjee. Some best writers like Khamosh Pathak, Sara Lin, Alvaro Bernedo, Ashish Mundhra writes for this technology blog.

  1. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is a very popular technology blog with more than 34000 technology articles. They are getting more than 17 million page views per month.

  1. Online-tech-tips

This blog shares technology tips and tricks. They have nearly 1 million page views per month.

Aseem Kishore is the founder of this blog.

  1. Tech Tricks World

Tech Tricks World is just not a technology blog.  You can find blogging and social media related articles also from this blog.

  1. Safe Tricks

Pahul Singh is the founder of SafeTricks. He writes technology related articles (Facebook, Android, computer tricks, etc.) for SafeTricks.

  1. Digital Inspiration

Amit Agarwal is the most successful blogger in India. His main blog is Digital Inspiration. He shares technology how-to guides via his blog.

  1. CNET How-to Guides

Few years back, CNET has started to publish technology how-to guides. They publish about 5 articles daily.

  1. All Tech Buzz

Imran Uddin is the founder of All Tech Buzz and he is the founder of AllIndiaRoundup also. He writes technology guides daily for his blog.

  1. The Windows Club

There are thousands of Windows related technology articles you can find from this blog.

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