12+ Common and Uncommon Ways to Promote Your Blog

You have heard that “Content is King” more than 100 times, haven’t you? Promoting your blog is also important like having great content. There is no point in having quality content if no one reads your blog.

There are lots of ways to promote your blog. Some are very popular methods and some are uncommon ways.

promote your blog

Common Ways to Promote a Blog

  1. Make Your Content Quality and Unique

People will share your content only if content are valuable for them. So you have to write content that will important for your readers. Then readers will share your content.

  1. Adding Social Media Sharing Icons to Your Blog

There are lots of social media sharing WordPress Plugins. You can choose one of them. Then add it to your blog. Do A/B testing to find the right place to place them. Most of the time floating social media sharing icons work well, but it shouldn’t disturb to readers to read blog content.

  1. Be Active on Blogging Communities

Blogging communities help to drive real traffic to your blog. Be active on blogging communities. Don’t share every blog posts you have written. Add only quality posts to blogging communities and check whether blog topic is matches to community niche.

  1. Be Active on Forums

Forums can drive thousands of traffic to your blog. Neil Patel has published a tutorial video called how to build traffic through traffic. Watch it to easily drive traffic to your blog from forums.

  1. Be active on Social Media

Billions of people use social media daily. Why do you forget that traffic? Be active on social media.

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  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting isn’t dead. You can use guest posts to engage with other bloggers and promote your blog.

  1. Commenting on Other Blogs

Blog commenting is also really good way to drive traffic to your blog. You can write 10 comments per day on different blogs. That mean 300 comments per month and you will receive at least 500 visitors from just commenting.

Uncommon Ways to Promote Your Blog

  1. Create a WordPress Theme or Plugin

Creating a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin is a unique but very powerful way to promote a blog. You may don’t have knowledge to create a WordPress theme or plugin. You can hire a WordPress developer to do create it.

You can add a link to your blog to footer of created WordPress theme. Make sure to make it no-follow.

  1. Interview Bloggers

Interview other bloggers and publish those interviews on your blog. Interviews are shared via social networks than other posts.

  1. Upload Your Posts to Scribd or Slidshare

You can upload your posts to Scribd or Slidshare.

  1. Create YouTube Videos

YouTube has more than 1 billion users. Create a YouTube channel for your blog and publish tutorials to your channel.

  1. Write an eBook

Write a quality eBook and give it to your readers. Allow them to upload it to their blogs as well as share using any media. But don’t give permission to change the content or remove credits.

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